I Fell in Love with A Client When Working as A London Escort

While escort services often enforce strict boundaries and professionalism, there is a likelihood of things getting emotional and development of personal connection. Four years ago, I got fired from my procurement job, and my life took a new twist. I needed to pay my bills, so when my friend, a London escort, suggested I could try and apply for the job as I am beautiful and have a sexy body, I thought, why not?

She helped me contact the London agency, where I sent an application letter explaining why I thought I would be excellent at it and then signed up with them. Contrary to what most people believe, being an escort is a varied job, and no two clients are the same. My youngest client is 20, the oldest man I have been with was 62. I’ve met men who want conversation and companionship and those who want a safe experience.

I am a 23 years blonde female, and I only joined the escort agency to make money. The agency has many well-chosen girls, and we go spend some hours or days with a client depending on his offer request. Some clients are private and only want sex while others are more open and treat you like a girlfriend for hire, take you to hotel dates, restaurants, business trips, and so on. At first, I was very uncomfortable, but with so much money and gifts, I got used to everything. In four years, I had more than twenty clients each of them for the long-term.

But my problem is that there is this one client that I madly fall in love with. I had been taking clients when one day, a client paid for my services. We met in a fancy restaurant in London, and immediately I felt this undeniable surge of lightning in my heart due to his presence. He is a wealthy black American man, a bit muscular in his early forties. He is the most handsome client and partner I ever had, tattooed and also sweet to be around.

This is the first client not to treat me like a prostitute. He treats me like a princess or some sort of goddess. its like he has never seen a woman more beautiful than me. However, he is very private, and we don’t go public by he treats me exceptionally well in private. I know he may just be satisfying his fantasy-like other clients, but it has been a year that he has been paying the agency for my services, and he treats me the same.

Last month, he confessed that he also has deep feelings for me and requested that I leave the agency, but I declined. He has offered to give me everything that I require in life, but I have to quit the escort job. I say that I also can’t have a boyfriend as he wants all of me for himself.

We technically live together but secretly, and I fell in love with him in the middle of all this. He is an alpha male that every lady would wish for, with two kids from his first marriage. He is everything I ever wanted, but I know I can only own him in my dreams. I love him so much, and I cannot stand this feeling longer.